How Much Will It Cost?

Since every job is different, with diverse volumes to be moved, items that need special care, and access requirements, we cannot give a reliable price here on our website. However please feel free to complete the online form or give us a call so we can give you an idea on the likely cost, and we’re happy to come and visit you for a survey to give you a fixed price for your move. Our pricing is in line with other  professional removal firms that are VAT registered, with HGV vehicles and a local office.

What Areas Do You Cover?

We can move you to or from anywhere in the UK, but we would consider the following areas as being local: Hinckley and its surroundings, Barwell, Earl Shilton, Stoke Golding, Fenny Drayton and Bosworth. Nuneaton and nearby areas, Stockingford, Weddington, Galley Common, Fillongley, Whitestone and Bermuda. Bedworth, Bulkington, Exhall and Corley. Lutterworth and nearby locations are also covered, including Wibtoft, Wolvey, Willey, and Monks Kirby.

What Size Are Your Vehicles?

We run a few different sizes of vehicles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses but it allows us to tailor the vehicles to the job.

3.5 Tonne Luton vans are mainly used for small moves, single items, and specialist items (pianos etc). They are great for getting close to the front door but they are easy to be made to be overweight when loaded up.
HGV Pantechnicon trucks can handle the entire contents of a 3/4/5 bedroomed properties, large office moves and are capable of carrying much heavier loads for distance moves, this means we’re not at risk of running overweight, which would have knock-on effects for the delivery of customer’s belongings as the vehicle would be impounded until the excess weight was removed. The negative of the larger trucks is that sometimes there’s sometimes a longer walk to the front door!

Typically we send a combination of smaller vehicles and / or larger vehicles dependant on the size of the job.

Do You Dismantle And Re-Assemble Furniture

We are able to dismantle any items that need to be taken apart, however please make us aware of this at the time of the quotation survey or upon booking. It’s worth asking us during the survey if certain items may need stripping as some larger items may come out of the house in one piece. If not informed specifically to do so, we assume that the larger items which cannot be moved whilst assembled will be dismantled prior to the crews arrival, and if they’re not then extra time will be needed and extra costs incurred.


Do I Need to Unpack Any Chest Of Drawers?

This depends entirely on the durability of the chest of drawers and the weight. Normally most small to medium sized chest of drawers are ok to have lightweight soft items left in (i.e. clothing) provided the unit itself is sturdy. If it is too heavy, or has breakable items in, or there are risks of the unit collapsing whilst being carried we will be unable to move them so they will need to be emptied. If you’re unsure, please free to ask our advice whilst we are carrying out the quotation survey.

Can My Loft Be Emptied?

Our typical quotation assumes that any items which are in the loft will be brought down by yourselves, so if you want us to quote for emptying the loft please let us know. However unless your loft is boarded out and is fully lit our insurance and our own risk assessments will not allow our staff to undertake such work.

Is My Furniture Arranged How I’d Like?

Yes, our staff endeavour to make sure everything goes to the correct place in your new home. Typically most items are returned to the equivalent rooms from which they came, however if items need to go to a different location please tell them before or whilst the item is being carried in. It is preferable to be told where the larger items are to go before the unload starts as this will ensure space is left for them and isn’t filled with boxes or other items! Although the crew are happy to place items exactly where you want them in the rooms, and they can re-arrange items if needed, please be mindful that the quotation assumes items don’t need to be moved around once they have been placed into your new home

Are You Insured?

Yes, in addition to the required road risks, employers and public liability insurances, we also have removals-specific goods in transit insurance to cover the carriage of your possessions (nb this shouldn’t be confused with RHA / general freight insurance which some firms advertise) Our standard quotation includes goods in transit insurance up to a certain value, but the value of the insurance can be increased should your items be worth more, and extra provision needs to be made for unusual / high value items, but this can be discussed during the quotation survey.

Do You Supply Packing Boxes And Packing Materials?

We sell packaging materials, bubblewrap and boxes, which we can either deliver to you (subject to order value) or you’re welcome to collect. Whilst we also sell wardrobe boxes, we use portable wardrobes to move your hanging garments which we bring with us on the day of the move so it’s not necessary to buy these unless you need to use them after the job is completed. We don’t require you to box up or wrap TVs and large mirrors / pictures as we carry protective materials which we use on the day.

Can You Pack My Stuff?

Yes, we are able to provide a packing service on request and are happy to quote for either a full pack, where we pack all loose or small items into boxes or a china and breakables pack, where only the more delicate items are packed. The advantage to using our packing service is that you can be assured the fragile items will be well protected, we can usually pack your contents in a shorter timeframe, and we would usually accept liability if contents within boxes that we pack are damaged during the move.

Piano Moving

Yes we are able to move pianos. These will have been noted during the quotation survey and so allowed for in the price of your removal. We can also move pianos on their own so will happily provide a quote for this, so please contact us using the contact for or call us.

What If You Break Down?

Both our vehicles types are very well maintained to prevent situations like this. We are covered with international breakdown cover and we often have a backup van on standby.

Are Home Removals Companies Reliable?

Unfortunately there are some unreliable people operating in the removals industry which has partly tarnished customer’s views. We pride ourselves on our reliability great level of service. We have enough experience to not overbook ourselves and we don’t believe in overworking our staff. The most common comments we hear about firms that customers have previously used is that they turned up late, or the van wasn’t big enough so not everything could be moved out before key release, or that the firm phones and cancels at the last minute. You may find lower-cost operators tend to book in extra jobs before or after your removal and make their staff work much longer hours, but even some seemingly well established firms have been known to cancel lower-paying jobs in favour of a more profitable removal coming in. The best way to ensure you have a reliable company is to do research, ask people for recommendations (including estate agents and solicitors) and consider looking into how well established the form is, however the easier way is to just give us a call!

Is There Any Sort of Moving Manager

Depending on the size of the relocation, there are moving managers available. For large scale moves, it is highly recommended. This way there is an extremely experienced team member on site who you can go to if anything unplanned happens. This relieves some of the stress and possible issues, leaving your own employees to focus on their own duties.

Can You Move IT Equipment?

We can move IT equipment if needed, and can work with your IT department to make sure the new office is up and running as quickly as possible. There is also an option should you not have an in-house IT team for us to quote for setting everything back up, and can partner with a professional IT company for the more complicated installs.

Can You Move Photocopiers?

This depends on whether the photocopier belongs to your company. If the copier belongs to your company there will be no problem moving and installing it. If it is leased however, we will need permission from the leasing company.

Can You Move a Safe?

Yes we can move fire safes or secure safes. Some moves require us to bring extra equipment, particularly if the safe needs to go up or down stairs, but we’ll work all that out and allow for it in the quote.

Do You Dismantle Furniture?

Yes, we are able to dismantle furniture and reassemble after it has been moved.

Do You Relocate Offices During Weekends or Evenings?

We are happy to carry out the move at whichever time you request, and some of our customers prefer the weekend or evening option as it greatly reduces the disruption to the business.

Do You Arrange the Parking?

We are able to detail what is needed, but it is your responsibility to get in contact with the local council and ensure suitable and sae parking at the premises.

Do I Have to Empty Filing Cabinets?

For safety purposes, filing cabinets typically need to be emptied but please seek our advice during the quotation survey.

Do You Supply Packing Crates?

We are able to arrange the supply of plastic crates if required, with security seals for any confidential items if needed.

Do You Pack the Crates?

This depends on your requirements. Often, we’ve found that businesses like to do their own so that it is organised how it’s needed.

Do You Protect the Floor?

Yes we are able to apply protection to anywhere you would like us to, however please make us aware of this during the quotation. Protection against water and mud being walked in is usually included however more specialist protection would need pricing.

Do You Carry out Internal Removals?

Yes, and we find this is sometimes a preferred option for companies as we are usually more skilled at moving large furniture that the organisation’s own porters,

Will you store my goods?

We are able to securely store anything required in our own storage facilities. There are different storage options available, including self storage, document storage, and storage containers.

What Are the Size of Your Storage Options?

There are a wide range of sizes available, we can accommodate from 35 to 3500+ cubic feet.

How Long Can I Store For?

Our storage can be used for however long you need, whether it’s just for a week because you need to break the chain, or for a year while you work abroad or build your house. We’ve had some people’s belongings in store for 3+ years and everything has come out of store in the same condition it went in!

How Can I Pay For Storage?

We accept debit or credit cards, cash or direct bank transfers, or for longer term customers we can set up recurring payments so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment. We are also happy to invoice companies if they are paying for your storage.

What Items Are Not Allowed To Be Stored?

As you’d expect, any sort of hazardous item cannot be stored with us, weapons, gas cylinders petrol etc. Also food and anything that can attract vermin cannot be stored. Please contact us if you’re unsure whether we can store your item.


Tell us a little bit about your removal and we will be in touch to discuss a quote with you